Is Homeschooling Right for My Family?

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Every year, more and more families choose to homeschool their children and discover the tremendous advantages it can provide. While choosing to homeschool is an easy choice for some, other families need some time to consider their options.

How do you know if it’s right for you? Start by doing some research, have an in-depth discussion with your family, and ask yourself these questions.

Would your child benefit from an individualized education?

Traditional educational environments mandate a strict curriculum that might not be right for every child. The curriculum can often focus more on pass rates than individual performance, which might breed an aversion toward learning. Homeschooling, on the other hand, provides a richer educational experience because the focus is put back on the student. Your child’s education and potential are the focal point, not a mandated curriculum or test.

Parents are also able to be involved with their child’s learning, and education becomes a shared experience. By incorporating Simply Smarter into an individualized plan, children are more apt to remember what they learned and, in turn, are steeped in learning — it becomes fun, interesting, and important to them, which leads to more confidence and proficiency.

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Is your family’s schedule flexible?

Not all families live and thrive on a 9-to-5 schedule. Since schools have specific dictated hours, individual options are limited, creating obvious disadvantages, particularly for those students whose sleep cycles conflict with school starting times.

If your family’s schedule is flexible to the learning needs of your children, and maybe even the working schedule of one or more parents, homeschooling can be a great choice. Parents can schedule outside lessons, social opportunities, and appointments during the day, and even vacations when it fits them.

In addition, the educational experiences become endless! Is your child interested in becoming a vet? A trip to a local farm or zoo could easily be incorporated into a hands-on lesson!

Would your child benefit from learning at a different speed?

It’s evident we’re all individuals with different learning styles and interests, and it’s important to foster the growth of every child through education. For some children, learning at their best means moving at a faster pace than their peers; others want or need more time to focus on certain subjects than a traditional school curriculum allows. Homeschooling permits you to use a program designed for your child, that progresses and changes with your child, catering to her learning styles and personal interests.

This is something we’ve discovered and developed in our NACD individualized programs. A tailor-made approach to education can be especially beneficial to families whose children need different levels of engagement. With homeschooling, children with learning and attention problems can have the opportunity to excel and be empowered; children with special needs can be given a real opportunity to achieve their potential; and typical and talented students can excel at a quicker pace to help change the world. Our differences are a strength, not a weakness.

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