Grounded in Experience

Simply Smarter is based on 40 years of clinical practice, utilizing scientific methods and results that have been seen in tens of thousands of individuals. Powered by the National Association of Child Development (NACD) as a tool for clients, the Simply Smarter system has evolved from one-on-one activities used by parents and clinicians, to a basic computer program, to a highly sophisticated online brain training tool now available for everyone.


The Science of Memory

Learning starts with short-term memory. The brain takes in information and processes as much as it can with short-term, then interprets and manipulates it using working memory. These two types of memory rely on each other — your brain can only interpret as much information in the working memory as you can retain in the short-term.

The Simply Smarter system assesses your short-term memory with basic number progression exercises. How many numbers in a row can you remember and repeat? What about repeating a series of numerals backwards? These exercises determine your current level of working memory, and the system delivers a baseline score followed by regular updates as you progress.

Your working memory is a huge determining factor in your intelligence; in fact, it may be a better indicator of academic and life successes than your IQ score. Working memory reflects your ability to learn, communicate, solve problems, and think critically, among other skills. Simply Smarter helps challenge and develop your working memory with exercises that increase in complexity.

About Simply Smarter

Simply Smarter was created by the NACD as a tool for clients working to develop their brain function. Founded in 1979 by Robert J. Doman, Jr., NACD has created a neurodevelopmental approach to improving developmental, educational, neurological problems and abilities. In short, NACD works with families and individuals to overcome their challenges by retraining and building new foundations for learning in the brain.

As part of NACD’s work, Doman and his team developed brain training exercises that fit within a larger program, personalized for each client. These exercises started out as one-on-one activities that children completed with parents and clinicians. The exercises were edited and changed based on what spurred the best results. Later, the exercises were combined into a computer program, then updated to online software. The NACD team saw real improvements in cognition (both for their pediatric clients and others) so they decided to offer Simply Smarter to the world.

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