We cannot say enough as to how much the Simply Smarter system has enriched our girl’s lives. The daily exercises that they perform on this program has improved their retention beyond what we had expected. They know all of their math facts without any issue and their memory of our studies in history, science and literature is just amazing! They are remembering pertinent information from these studies from over a year ago.

Karen M. - Utah

We started implementing an NACD program with our son who has Down syndrome 6 months ago and have already seen great improvements. At age 3 he was only able to say 1 and 2 word sentences, since we began the processing activities he is now consistently speaking in 3, 4, and sometimes 5 word sentences. His behavior has also improved, we can see him making better choices and really thinking about what he is doing, rather than some of the impulsive behavior we were seeing before.

Kameron Moody - Los Angeles, CA

One of my daughters is naturally very bright. But in 3rd or 4th grade, we noticed that she was not able to appropriately deal with challenges. If she didn’t know an answer or if she had any challenge learning something, she would burst into tears. This embarrassed her and frustrated us. Our NACD evaluator assessed her processing to be low and gave us a personal program that included lots of processing activities. When her processing improved, we saw a correlated improvement with her coping and academic skills. She is now graduating from high school with high grades and a strong recommendation from her employer.

Elisse - Dallas, TX

Two years ago when one of my daughters was in 2nd grade, she realized that she couldn’t read like the other kids. By using our personalized NACD program to change our method of instruction and add a strong focus on processing every day, she has overcome some very big challenges such as reversals and inability to focus on the words. In the last year, she has gone from remedial reading to grade level. Now she is searching out words to read everywhere she goes. It won’t be long before she is reading at the top of her class.

Elisse - Dallas, TX

In a short 4 month period Processing activities have helped our 9 yr old become more confident, much more compliant & happier. We laugh and joke with Jake now with out him crying, his siblings can play and interact with him with a lot less fighting, simple tasks get done with out arguing and we are enjoying Jakes company rather than walking around on egg shells waiting for his next blow up. Our home environment is becoming increasingly more enjoyable. People at his school and extended family also see the change. This is only the beginning & we look forward to many more improvements.

We thank you NACD

Rachael Grande - Prairie, Alberta, Canada

I like the new Simply Smarter. I like how I can earn badges and I like how I can see my scores compared to other kids my age. I also like how I can change the design of how it looks. I like how I can beat my mom on some of the activities!

Marc - Utah, Age 10

Since we started doing the processing exercises consistently, Andrew is more assertive as far as doing something without being told and engaging in conversation. He is able to express his thoughts much better and the conversation is not always about him. He is also showing that he is thinking before making a decision and is able to make wiser choices. We are so thankful for the NACD and their help in our lives!!

Kent & Melissa Mathis

Simply Smarter helped clear out the cobwebs and little glitches in our son’s processing ability. And once we cleared up the glitches, the academic progress spread like wildfire! A teacher friend of mine told me she was so impressed with her program that helped students increase their reading ability by a year and a half in a year’s time. I shocked her socks off when I said we jumped six years in one year with NACD!

Thank you NACD!

Claire - Colorado

As a 5th/6th grade teacher of 26 years, I was thrilled with the progress my students made on their state math tests after only 4 months using Simply Smarter daily. All students met their goals, and I noticed a difference in their ability to focus in all subjects, as well!

Cara N.

NACD’s program has provided our daughter with a great foundation for entering the public school environment. Despite the challenges that come with a Down Syndrome diagnosis, at the young age of two, she’s learned her letters, numbers and has started to learn to read!

Becky - Arizona

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