What is the Baseline Test?

Important Note: You MUST fully complete the Baseline Test in one session or you will be required to restart the test each session until you finish. It can only be completed in one consecutive session because it tests your current starting points.

The Baseline Test is used to identify your starting points in the Simply Smarter System. You will only do the baseline test once. Do your best, but do not be too concerned. This test will only be used to establish a starting point for your target activities. The Simply Smarter System will constantly track your progress and modify your activities and levels to maximize your results.

This short test will involve four activities: Visual Digit Span ForwardVisual Digit Span ReverseAuditory Digit Span Forward, and Auditory Digit Span Reverse. Your digit spans represent your auditory and visual short-term and working memories and establish the foundation for your higher mental abilities– your ability to think and access your innate intelligence.

These results can only provide you with good news. If your scores are high on some tests, you now know that you are doing well compared to others your age. Whether your scores are high or low, the good news is that you are smarter than you think you are. Improving your mental abilities is going to help you access your innate intelligence and achieve your true potential. The Simply Smarter System is designed to help everyone achieve more.