How do I create a new user? (Family Admins only)

1. To create a new user (Family Plans only), first log in using your Family Admin username and password.

2. Once logged in, click on the Accounts tab (see screen shot below). Here you will see how many users you have remaining that you can can set up. This number is based on how many you users have purchased under your current subscription plan. If you would like to add more users, upgrade your subscription plan.

3. Click on the Add User Account button to create a new user (see below):



4. On the popup page you will enter all of the information for the new user. Note that all fields are required. If the user does not have their own email (such as a child user), you may reuse the same email address as the admin account.


5. Once you have clicked on the Save button, you can begin using your new user account after you log out of your Family Admin account. You will also be able to view this user’s information when logging in with your admin account.