NACD has transformed my children! I have tried many different methodologies and didn’t see any significant changes until we started using NACD’s programs. I am so excited about their academic potential!

Claribel P. - Atlanta, GA

My husband and I have taught in grades K-12. We have both done sequencing with Deborah for 4 years and are amazed at the cognitive progress she has made. She is now participating in a memorization contest on a state level which we never would have imagined before starting this program!

Kay - Maryland

Our family has seen firsthand how developing a child’s processing can greatly improve the child’s quality of life and all those around them.

Emeigh - Carlsbad, NM

Practicing random sequences has been a most significant tool in facilitating my kids’ maturing processing. The SS app, became an essential tool in that journey–first because it was fun and motivating for all of us and second because my nonverbal daughter had a new way to express what she knows.

Lisa Jamieson

When we first started program a few years ago, our daughter could barely remember 2 digits. She could not read and could not carry out 2-step directions. Now, she is working on 6 digits and can remember a routine that has her making her own breakfast of scrambled eggs with toast and jam. It’s a joy to behold. 🙂

Sylvie - Guelph, ON Canada

The auditory and visual processing skills my kids developed using Simply Smarter helped them learn efficiently and easily, to the point that they were able to enter college early, between the ages of 12 and 15 years old. They all had successful college careers, with one daughter finishing her Master’s Degree in Computer Science at 18. Processing abilities are a key to learning easily and well.

We continue to utilize Simply Smarter today, with my children at home, and my 14 year old son is doing well in college already.

Michele - Moorpark, CA

“Simply Smarter has been a significant part of my daughters development through the years. By consistently working on her short-term and working memory she has surpassed the expectations that I had when she was growing up both academically and behaviorally. Now as we continue to raise the bar, I am certain that Simply Smarter will continue to help her to reach her potential.

Lisa - South Carolina

“My three boys have benefited tremendously from the Simply Smarter program. In just a few months their increase processing has allowed then to take in and understand information like never before. academically and in life they are understanding everything with less effort and their self esteem is sky rocketing. As parents what more could we ask for?”

Annie - Los Angeles, CA

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