Simply Smarter Works!

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by Prachi Sinha

NACD Evaluator
New Delhi, India

For me, to say that Simply Smarter works is a bit of an understatement. This is my experience with the results of using the program:

NACD India - Simply Smarter WorksLast year I spent six months in the U.S., training with NACD. One day while I was here, my mom called me and asked, “Have you been doing something to improve your processing?” “Yes, “ I responded. “How could you tell?” She very excitedly exclaimed, “I knew it! I have been telling my friends about it. You ‘get’ what I say now. I can’t taunt you anymore!”

And she was right—I do “get” it now. During my school years I had difficulties with academics and paying attention, often off in “la-la land” when I should have been listening. Had I been going through school today, they would have labeled me with something specific. After reading, “She can do better if she works hard” for the fifth time on my report card, I gave up and stopped working hard. My results fluctuated with different teachers, leaving my parents and teachers perplexed. They could not figure out what was wrong with me when I was so promising otherwise. I became unmotivated and lacked confidence. My spelling was atrocious, and I had great difficulty getting my thoughts on paper. I had to write all of my assignments at least three times to be able to get the right content, and even then they were full of spelling errors. The red lines in the Word documents were no help, as I could not identify my mistakes. I had difficulties following multiple directions, and reading was a disliked chore. What came very easy to me was staying in my beautiful and convenient imaginary world. Being expected to do something I did not know how to do and did not have the guidance to do, my imaginary world became an escape and then an addiction.

Because I was motivated in college and studied hard, I was able to get through and also to get into a tough Master’s program. I approached my graduate program with a lot of zeal and intention to learn and gain, and those two years became the best I had ever done academically. During this time I found NACD. I was hired by two families to implement program with their children. My processing began to grow as I learned about NACD’s approach; but the most apparent changes came about when I started using NACD’s sequential processing software, Simply Smarter.

What changes? First of all, it no longer takes the little red lines to remind me if a word is spelled incorrectly. This change came about when I had made a jump of two sequencing levels on each of the activities. I was so thrilled with this observation that I mailed one of my college professors about Simply Smarter. She noticed a difference in me to the extent that she invited me to present a lecture to her graduate students. With my sequencing going up another two levels, it became easier to stay focused and not give in to my addiction of visualizing my fantasy world. Also now I can simply scan a document and pick out the mistakes I have made. My understanding, and subsequently communication, is better. Sarcasm and humor no longer escape me. I am efficient and no longer rely on Post-it notes to remind me of everything. I smile when my parents, continuing old habits, still repeat things for me over and over for the benefit of my understanding and memory.

I am so grateful that Simply Smarter really works. Thanks, Bob!


Reprinted by permission of The NACD Foundation, Volume 22 No. 13 2009 ©NACD